Meeting all your fire and compliance needs including:

  • Sale and service of fire equipment (Licensed by the New York City Fire Department for fire extinguishers).
  • Expediting/Consulting/Engineering with drafting.
  • Preparation of Fire Safety and EAP plans.
  • Training of building personnel for fire drills, emergency evacuation drills and building maintenance for fire brigade.
  • Correction of building and fire department violations.
  • Representation at ECB court.
  • Building inspections.
  • Engineering and expediting services.
  • ¬†Fire Alarm systems, legalization of existing conditions. Local Law and Construction Built Outs.
  • Asbestos Reports.
  • Photoluminesent signage.
  • Flame proofing fire stoppage repair and maintenance.
  • Surveys Plot Plans bonded and non-bonded.
  • Expediting for building permits.
  • Service and supply fire extinguishers required by the FDNY annually.
  • Expediting services for building permits, DOB, ECB violations, and removals.
  • Legalization, open building permits, and to legalize any existing structures.
For more information on how Alba Fire Safety Consultants can assist your business meet its fire safety compliance needs, please contact us by phone at (212) 471-4367 or by filling out our contact form to the side.

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